RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

Business Process Management/ Workflow Engineering

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Advanced List Management

RADIUS Advanced List Management allows for precise segmentation of contact lists, enabling targeted communication strategies thereby increased personalization.


Ensure superior service with our comprehensive SLAs at the queue, agent, and average handling time (AHT) levels, optimizing performance and accountability across all touchpoints.

Customer Identification and Access Management

Our solution offers unified customer identity management and attribute-level access privileges, ensuring seamless and secure customer interactions at every touchpoint.

Contact Address Mapping

Efficiently manage communication by associating contact information with individuals or entities, ensuring accurate message delivery and effective customer engagement within the system.

Contact List Fusion

Consolidate multiple contact lists into a single, unified repository, empowering targeted outreach and streamlined outbound campaign execution for enhanced results.

Campaign Schema Management

Enhance your outreach strategies by customizing schema management to fit each campaign’s unique needs, ensuring relevance, compliance, and actionable insights for optimized performance and customer engagement.

Timezone Support

Maximize the engagement and respect customer preferences with time zone support in campaigns. Schedule outbound communications to align with recipients’ local time zones for enhanced personalization.

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