RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

An Omnichannel Interaction

System that is

Orchestrate intelligent customer interactions on the centralized cloud based platform

Tailored for Enterprises to build enduring customer relationships

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Solution Engineered for Industry needs


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The powerful way to handle end-to-end customer journeys

Scalable & Future Ready

Built on microservices, it scales to handle tenants and their operational loads seamlessly.

Provider Agnostic

Provides agility, scalability, and robustness across diverse cloud platforms.

Data Isolation

Ensure tenant data and operational isolation while adhering to industry security standards.

Integration Capabilities

Integrates with enterprise systems and supports custom applications on the RADIUS platform.

Powering 100+ Businesses around the world


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True Omni Platform

All Interactions,
Single Interface

Transform your customer engagement strategy from multichannel to a cohesive omnichannel experience that spans Voice, Chat, Email, Video, Social Media, & more.

Multi Tenant Security

Relax with trusted security standards, encryption, logical isolation, and experts keeping your data secure 24/7.

Digital Customer Experience

Enable agents to effortlessly track customer conversations across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger within a unified workspace, making their job more efficient.

Seamless Integrations for a seamless experience!

Designed for both Agents and Customer

Call Backs

Transform your customer engagement strategy from multichannel to a cohesive omnichannel experience that spans Voice, Chat, Email, Video, Social Media, & more

Quality Management

Monitor agent performance through analytics & quality assurance scorecards, both at the individual and team level

Real Time Coaching

Provide supervisors with the capabilities like Barge-in, whisper, so that they can take over whenever required


Effortlessly create the Interactive Voice Response based on DTMF

Custom Wallboard

Transform customer service into team effort with dashboards that highlight agent and call center statistics


What is a Cloud Contact Center?

Cloud contact centers serve as a centralized hub, unifying customer interactions across diverse communication channels without having to build out and maintain an on-premise footprint. Contact centers enhance customer communications, providing features like interactive voice response (IVR), and advanced analytics to optimize engagement.

Why Cloud Contact Center is Right For my Business?

Cloud contact center solutions improve customer experiences with omnichannel engagement, optimized calls, and agent management. They enhance security compliance and boost agent performance.

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce management involves strategies and technologies for maximizing employee productivity. In a contact center, it ensures scheduling the appropriate number of skilled agents at the right times.

What are the benefits of Multitenant Solution?

Multi-tenant contact center solution allows multiple organizations to share contact center infrastructure while maintaining data separation and individual configurations. It offers cost efficiency, scalability, rapid deployment, centralized management, resource optimization, security, high availability, integration, and collaborative opportunities. This approach streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances overall efficiency in managing customer interactions.

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