RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

Automation and AI

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Automated Call Distribution

Our automated call distribution system ensures every call is matched with the ideal agent, optimizing skill alignment and customer satisfaction.

Chatbot & Voicebots

Provide better answers faster with third-party, AI-powered chatbot and voicebot provide context-aware assistance and automate more voice interactions, ensuring efficient and effective communication.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis feature helps analyze emotions in real-time, tailor your responses and enhance customer experiences.

Interactive Voice Response IVR

Our Interactive Voice Response system not only allows customers to effortlessly handle routine tasks over the phone but also ensures personalized service by swiftly directing them to the exact answers they seek.

Automatic Call Back

Eliminate queue times by using call-back features and let customers skip the wait time while retaining their queue position.

Customer Journey Mapping

Track and respond to customer journey and behavior across channels, creating tailored experiences that resonate and retain.

Integration with Generative AI

Create more personalized customer interactions and propel your business forward by integrating with cutting-edge Gen AI tools like ChatGPT.

Knowledge Management

Equip your agents with a structured, easily accessible knowledge base through our system, ensuring consistent customer service and continuous updates for relevance and accuracy.

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