RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

Omnichannel Engagement System

  • Engagement Modes

RADIUS provides comprehensive suite of engagement modes designed to enhance the customer interaction and service delivery:

  • Outbound: Proactively reach out to customers via calls, chat, or emails.
  • Inbound: Handle incoming customer inquiries and support requests efficiently.
  • Blended: Combine outbound and inbound strategies for versatile customer engagement management.
  • Omnichannel Routing

RADIUS omnichannel routing lets admins create inbound call and messaging flows/paths based on preconfigured routing rules. These omni-channel routing strategies can be applied to interactions with live agents and fully automated interactions powered with IVRs, and chatbots. Empower operations managers to efficiently allocate agents across various communication channels, ensuring optimal resource utilization. Maintain consistency in customer experiences across channels by implementing a cumulative task limit across channels to streamline workload distribution, maximizing agent productivity.

  • Team Communication/Engagement Tool:

Facilitate seamless internal communication and collaboration among team members through a centralized tool enabling agents and supervisors to share information, discuss customer issues, and coordinate tasks in real-time there by Improving engagement within the team to enhance problem-solving efficiency.

  • Context preservation

Utilize the historical and situational context of the customer interaction across multiple channels and sessions for a personalized, efficient experience without repetition, boosting key performance indicators like First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

  • Channel Deflection

Redirect customer interactions from one channel to another in an efficient manner, enhancing customer experience by resolving issues on preferred channels. This ensures continuity and personalized service

  • Seamless Switching Across Channels

Allows customers to switch between communication channels (voice, chat, email, video, SMS) during a single interaction without losing context, ensuring a continuous and smooth experience.

  • Cross Channel Customer Profile

Integrates and consolidates customer information from all channels into a unified profile, providing agents with comprehensive insights for personalized service.

  • Simultaneous Interaction Handling

Enables agents to manage multiple customer interactions across various channels concurrently, boosting productivity.

  • Preferred Channel Engagement

Engages customers through their preferred communication channels, enhancing satisfaction by respecting their preferences whether it’s via voice, chat, email, or social media, ensures that customers interact on their terms.

  • Engagement Modes

Agents can tag, record and categorize the outcomes and reasons of customer interactions after they hung up the interactions. This feature supports comprehensive reporting and analysis on a granular level, enabling better decision-making, process optimization.

  • Callback

Allow your customers to request a callback through IVR, web, or API-based systems, significantly reducing wait times. This ensures your customers receive timely assistance at their convenience, improving satisfaction

  • Direct Inbox

Provides customers with a single point of contact, allowing them to reach out to the same agent for all their queries, and a dedicated inbox to manage these interactions, guaranteeing that no messages are missed and responses are timely.

  • Customer Self Service

Enable customers to independently resolve issues using our self-service options, streamlining efficiency across all communication channels.




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