RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

Supervisor Workstation

Realtime Dashboard

Elevate business operations with customizable layouts, personalized widgets, and versatile views, all enhanced with filter options for a tailored, efficient interaction experience.

Interaction Monitoring

Monitor calls to track agent performance, with options to whisper or barge-in for real-time assistance during challenging interactions.

Bargein and Whisper

Empower supervisors with “Barge-in” and “Whisper” capabilities, enabling real-time participation and discreet guidance during agent-customer interactions for enhanced support and coaching opportunities.

Custom Widget

Access tailored tools and functionalities with the custom widget, designed to enhance monitoring, coaching, and performance management capabilities seamlessly.

DNC & Block List Management

Easily manage DNC and block lists, ensuring compliance and protecting customer preferences for seamless communication experiences.

Administrative Excellence

Effortlessly manage user, campaign, contact list, and compliances. Experience optimized communication infrastructure with media provider and trunk configuration, all in one intuitive system.

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