RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

Outbound Campaign

  • Run & Manage Multiple OB campaigns

Manage various outbound campaigns simultaneously, allowing for focused communication with specific customer segments, and monitor performance through dedicated dashboards to enhance campaign effectiveness and operational efficiency.

  • Dialing Modes

Choose dialing modes to match campaign needs, preview dialing (review info before call), predictive dialing (connect agents to live calls), manual dialing (agents initiate calls), or blaster dialing (automated/bulk messages/calls).

  • Dialing Priorities & Sequences
Set dialing priorities to connect with the most important contacts first, and utilize backup numbers for increased reach.
  • Static Prioritization: Set fixed priorities for dialing sequences, ensuring important contacts are reached first.
  • Dynamic Prioritization: Adjust dialing priorities based on real-time factors, optimizing call outcomes.
  • Dial Alternate Numbers: Automatically dial alternate numbers if the primary contact is unavailable, increasing contact rates.
  • Dynamic Caller ID
  • Auto Caller ID Selection Strategies: Automatically select the best caller ID based on predefined strategies, improving answer rates and trust.
  • User-Defined Caller ID: Allow users to define specific caller IDs for campaigns, fostering brand consistency.
  • Agent Mapped (Agent-Wise) Caller ID: Assign unique caller IDs to individual agents, ensuring personalized caller identification.
  • Answering Machine Detection

Identify answering machines and voicemails to handle messages appropriately, ensuring efficient use of agent time and enhancing overall call productivity. This feature is crucial for businesses to maximize agent efficiency, reduce wasted time on unproductive calls, and ensure effective message delivery to potential customers.

  • Phone Number Treatment

Process phone numbers to ensure they meet formatting and compliance standards for outbound dialing, improved campaign success rates and regulatory adherence.

  • Trunk Selection

Intelligently route calls based on best routes, share workload across trunks, and reserve trunk capacity to ensure availability during peak times, enhancing call quality and reliability.

  • Advanced (Multiple) List Management

Manage multiple contact lists intelligently, optimizing contact strategies and improving campaign effectiveness through targeted outreach.

  • Contact Churn and Limit

Monitor contact frequency and set limits to prevent over-contacting, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. This feature helps businesses manage communication strategies effectively, reducing the risk of customer fatigue and potential legal issues. By carefully tracking and limiting the number of contacts, businesses can foster positive relationships with customers, enhance engagement, and build long-term loyalty.

  • Redial and Callbacks

Efficiently manage follow-up calls to enhance customer interactions. Allow agents to schedule callback times, ensuring customers are contacted at their convenience, which improves satisfaction and call success rates. Automatically manage redials for unanswered calls, maintaining engagement without overwhelming customers and optimizing campaign effectiveness.

  • DND Scrubbing

Ensure adherence to DNC regulations with real-time checks and remove non-contactable numbers from campaigns. Define contactable time windows for additional control and respect for customer preferences.

  • Outbound Settings

Configure various settings for outbound campaigns, such as dialing parameters and compliance rules, ensuring tailored and compliant campaign execution.

  • Abandoned Call Treatment

Manage and mitigate abandoned calls to improve customer experience and adhere to regulatory requirements, enhancing overall call center performance.

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