RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

Business Process Orchestration

  • Seamless Orchestration of IB, OB Processes

Integrates inbound (IB) and outbound (OB) processes seamlessly, optimizing workflow efficiency and ensuring smooth operation across all customer interactions.

  • Campaign Schema Management

Enhance your outreach strategies by customizing schema management to fit each campaign’s unique needs, ensuring relevance, compliance, and actionable insights for optimized performance and customer engagement.

  • Schedule, Start/Stop Processes

Enable scheduling and control over processes, allowing for the efficient manual start and stop of operations to match business needs and peak times.

  • After Business Hour Workflow/Support

Enable robust support and workflows for after-business hours, ensuring uninterrupted service and addressing customer needs round the clock.

  • Shared Customer Dataset & Preference for IB & OB Communications

Utilizes a shared customer dataset, respecting customer preferences for both inbound and outbound communications, enhancing personalized service.

  • Identifying Customers Across Channels

Identifies and tracks customers across multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience regardless of the communication medium.

  • SLA Configuration

Ensure superior service with our comprehensive SLAs at the queue, agent, ring-time and average handling time (AHT) levels, optimizing performance and accountability across all touchpoints.

  • Customer Information & Access Management

Our solution offers unified customer identity management and attribute-level access privileges, ensuring seamless and secure customer interactions at every touchpoint.

  • Drag and Drop Script Design

Allows for easy creation and customization of scripts using a drag-and-drop interface, simplifying script management and enhancing agent performance.

  • Agent Group Formation & Process Assignments

Facilitates the formation of agent groups and assigns processes efficiently, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring the right agents handle the right tasks or process.

  • Timezone Support

Maximize the engagement and respect customer preferences with time zone support in campaigns. Schedule outbound communications to align with recipients’ local time zones for enhanced personalization.

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