RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

CRM Connector

Available Connectors

Integrate effortlessly with leading platforms like SAP C4C, Salesforce, Simple CRM, MS Dynamics, ZOHO, and Unifyd for ensuring smooth collaboration and maximizing productivity.

Click to Call

Initiate calls instantly with Click-to-Call, enabling swift and efficient communication directly from the platform, enhancing productivity without toggling between apps.

Screen Pop

Maximize efficiency with screenpop feature by instantly displaying customer information to agents during calls for a more personalized and faster service experience.

Auto Ticket Creation

Automatically generate tickets from customer interactions or specified triggers, ensuring timely and efficient handling of customer inquiries.

Unified Window

Access comprehensive 360-degree customer information within a single window, eliminating the need for toggling or switching between tabs for enhanced efficiency.

Call Disposition

Efficiently categorize and document call outcomes, empowering agents to record and track the resolution of customer interactions for improved analytics and future follow-up

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