RADIUS-Omnichannel Interaction System

Feature Details

Interaction Handling

  • Blended Interactions

Manage both inbound and outbound communications seamlessly, allowing agents to handle multiple interaction types (voice, chat, email) simultaneously, enhancing productivity and service efficiency.

  • Call Hold & Retrieve and Music on Hold

Place calls on hold and retrieve them when needed, with music or custom messages playing while the caller waits, enhancing the caller’s experience during hold times.

  • Escalation and Call Forwarding
  • Cold Transfer:Transfer calls directly to another agent without prior consultation.
  • Consult & Transfer: Allow your agents to consult with another agent before transferring the call.
  • Agent Note for Transfer: Enable agents to attach notes to the call for the receiving agent.
  • Swap Consult Calls: Swap between the original call and consult call without disconnecting either party, ensuring smooth handovers.
  • Conference
Empower agents to manage conference calls efficiently, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration. Key features include:
  • Multi-Party Conference: Facilitate calls with multiple participants.
  • Direct Conference: Initiate a conference call directly.
  • Consult & Conference: Consult with another party before joining them into a conference.
  • Single Party Add & Drop: Add or remove individual participants from the conference.
  • Single Party Hold/Unhold: Place individual participants on hold or resume their participation in the conference.
  • Chat Conference

Engage multiple participants in a chat session simultaneously, facilitating group discussions and collaboration for resolving customer issues more effectively.

  • Chat Transfer

Transfer chat sessions between agents to ensure customers are connected with the most appropriate representative for their needs,handled by appropriate personnel and escalated when required.

  • Channel Deflection

Redirect customer interactions from one channel to another in an efficient manner, enhancing customer experience by resolving issues on preferred channels. This ensures continuity and personalized service 

  • Voice Endpoint Support
  • SIP: Support for Session Initiation Protocol endpoints.
  • WebRTC: Support for Web Real-Time Communication endpoints.
  • Third-Party Endpoints: Compatibility with various third-party voice communication endpoints.
  • Recording and Transcript
  • Always On (100%): Record all interactions continuously for compliance and quality assurance.
  • On-Demand (Manual Start/Stop): Allow agents to manually start and stop recording as needed.
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